Phased Payment Arrangements (PPAs)

PPA Consolidation and amendments

When a PPA is in progress, you can amend your PPA using the ‘Consolidate’ option in the Amend PPA section in Revenue Online Service (ROS).

This allows you to:

  • change the existing PPA where the amount owing on a period increases or decreases (for example, if you filed an amended return)
  • add additional liabilities to the PPA
  • add Debt Warehouse liabilities to the PPA
  • change the repayment period
  • change the deduction date.

 A new repayment schedule will be created for you, which includes:

  • the new amounts in the PPA
  • the new repayment period
  • and
  • recalculated interest charges. 

Amending your bank account details for PPA

You can update your bank account details for future payments on your PPA by following these steps:

  • sign into Revenue Online Service (ROS)
  • select ‘Phased Payment Arrangement’ from the ‘Other Services’ panel. The message “Application in Progress” will appear
  • click the ‘View’ button
  • select ‘Amend at the bottom of the page
  • select ‘Change Bank Details’. Enter in the account holders name and IBAN and click ‘Next’ 
  • your payment schedule will appear  
  • select ‘Amend’ 
  • a summary of your Phased Payment Arrangement will display with the updated bank details
  • select ‘Next’ and enter in your ROS password
  • click ‘Sign & Submit’.

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