Registering for tax

How to register for tax as a new company

In order to register for tax you must have a Companies Registration Office (CRO) number issued by the CRO.

When you start a new company, you or your tax agent must inform Revenue. If your company is represented by a tax agent, he or she must submit an online registration application on your behalf through Revenue Online Service (ROS).

If your company is not represented by a tax agent, you must submit one of the following forms to us:

If you submit a paper application when you should have submitted an online application, it will not be processed. The paper copy will be returned to you with an instruction to complete the registration process through ROS. 

The TR2 forms can be used to register for:

Once your company has been registered, you must file all payments and returns online through ROS.

You will be given a new Tax Reference Number to use when trading and filing your tax returns.

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