National Companies Unit (NCU)

Voluntary company strike-off

As part of the procedure under Section 731 of the Companies Act 2014, the company has to provide a letter of no objection from the Revenue Commissioners.

Correctly completed applications, in the format specified below, should only be submitted when tax returns for all periods up to and including the cessation date have been filed on ROS and no tax liabilities remain outstanding.

  • Company name (mandatory)
  • Companies Registration Office (CRO) number (mandatory)
  • Tax Registration Number (mandatory where company has registered or traded)
  • Exact date of cessation of company (mandatory)
  • A statement to the effect that the company has no assets or outstanding liabilities (mandatory)
  • If the company has never traded, the application should confirm that the company is not or was not in receipt of any income which would give rise to a liability under the taxes acts. (mandatory)
  • Address for correspondence (mandatory)
  • Telephone number (mandatory)
  • e-mail address.

Incomplete applications will be returned.

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