Common phrases

When you are converting a vehicle you will encounter a number of regularly-used phrases.

Outline of European Union vehicle categories:

  • Category M1: passenger vehicles with no more than eight seats (in addition to the driver's).
  • Category M2: buses with more than eight seats (in addition to the driver's) and less than 5 tonnes.
  • Category M3: buses with more than eight seats (in addition to the driver's) and more than 5 tonnes.
  • Category N1: small commercials designed for the carriage of goods and less than 3.5 tonnes.
  • Category N2: commercials that are more than 3.5 tonnes, but not more than 12 tonnes.
  • Category N3: commercials that are more than 12 tonnes.

More detailed descriptions can be found in the European Unions framework directive.

EU Body Work codes
CategoryBody Work CodeDescriptionCategoryBody Work CodeDescription
M1 AA Saloon M2, M3 CA Single deck
M1 AB Hatchback Saloon M2, M3 CB Double deck
M1 AC Station wagon M2, M3 CC Articulated single deck
M1 AD Coupé M2, M3 CD Articulated double deck
M1 AE Convertible M2, M3 CE Low-floor single deck
M1 AF Multi-purpose vehicle M2, M3 CF Low-floor double deck
M1 SA Motor Caravan M2, M3 CG Articulated low-floor single deck
N BA Lorry M2, M3 CH Articulated low-floor double deck
N BB Van Lorry      
N BE Pick Up      

Type approval

This is the procedure where a relevant authority certifies that a type of vehicle satisfies all the appropriate technical requirements.

All vehicles must have type-approval.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) is the Irish type-approval authority.

Certificate of Conformity

A vehicle manufacturer produces a unique data set for each individual motor vehicle manufactured. This data set shows the type approval data, plus the individual vehicle data.

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