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  3. Conversion
  4. Suitably Qualified Individual (SQI)
  5. Specific vehicles

Suitably Qualified Individual (SQI)

A Suitably Qualified Individual (SQI) must certify a conversion.

An SQI must have the appropriate facilities and equipment to conduct the examination and complete the certification.

An SQI must have:

  • an engineering or technical qualification (Level 7 or higher accredited course). Alternatively appropriate accreditation with Engineers Ireland or the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors is acceptable.
  • a minimum of five years experience working in a suitable technical environment (preferably an automotive or engineering environment).
  • access to adequate facilities to carry out a thorough vehicle examination
  • and
  • appropriate professional indemnity insurance
  • or
  • must be an approved facility (Approved Test Centre (ATC) or Approved Workshop for Conversion of Vehicles for Disabled Drivers).

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