Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

ZZ registrations, vintage vehicles and ZV plates

ZZ registrations

The ZZ system of temporary registration is administered by the Automobile Association (AA) of Ireland on behalf of Revenue.

A vehicle which is not permanently registered can use a ZZ registration for up to one month prior to its exportation.

A ZZ registration consists of the letters ZZ followed by a unique five-digit number.

In order to qualify for temporary registration, the following criteria must first be met:

  • the vehicle must be in Ireland temporarily
  • the applicant must be a person established outside Ireland
  • and
  • all taxes (for example, Value Added Tax (VAT) and Customs Duty) must be paid.

Application forms and other information on the application procedure are available from:

AA Rescue Operations Centre
Unit D Merrywell Business Park
Ballymount Road Lower
Dublin 12

For ZZ registration queries, please email:

Vintage vehicles and ZV plates

A vintage vehicle is a vehicle proved to be more than 30 years old. You should supply the mandatory documentation when registering vintage vehicles.

However, sometimes not all of the original documentation is available. In these circumstances, a declaration in respect of the vehicle particulars from an enthusiast’s organisation or club may suffice. However, such a declaration must contain the data necessary for registration. Additional documentation may be requested, at Revenue’s discretion, to verify the identity and age of the vehicle.

You can also avail of the special ‘ZV’ series of registration numbers available for ‘vintage’ cars. A typical registration plate in this series would be ZV 4723. There is no additional cost to obtain ‘ZV’ series plates.

Applications to replace a vehicle registration mark with a 'ZV' mark can be made on Form VRT 35.

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