CESOP - EU cross-border payments reporting

Payment transactions to be reported

Since 1 January 2024, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are required to report certain details of payment transactions to payees. Each PSP must report these details to the tax administrations of EU Member States.

These payment transactions and payee details reported only applies to payees who receive more than 25 cross-border payments per calendar quarter.

In addition, the payer has to be based in an EU Member State and the payee based in:

  • another Member State
  • a third territory of the European Union (EU)
  • or
  • a third country.

PSPs only need to report to tax administrations cross-border payments to payees that may constitute a commercial activity. The measure respects data protection rules and any information which would identify consumers will not be sent to tax administrations.

Who reports the payment?

The payee’s PSP is required to report the payment where the payee’s PSP is based in the EU. All the payee’s PSPs need to report where the payee has more than one PSP in the transaction chain.

A payer’s PSP reports where the payee does not have a PSP based in the EU. This may arise, for example, where a payee is based in a third country.

All registrations for CESOP are done through Revenue Online Service (ROS) or the Non-Residents Registration (NRR) application.

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