Reporting tax evasion (shadow economy activity)

Hidden Economy Monitoring Group (HEMG)

The Hidden Economy Monitoring Group (HEMG) is a non-statutory multi-agency group comprising of representatives from:

  • business groups
  • trade unions
  • and
  • State agencies.

They have a common commitment to tackle the shadow economy. The State agencies include Revenue, the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

Work of the HEMG

The HEMG provides a forum for participants who are committed to tackling shadow economy activity. Also, to exchange views and insights as well as proposing new initiatives and ideas to combat such activity.

On the one hand, such commitment includes relevant State agencies having in place:

  • specific compliance initiatives (including inter-agency initiatives)
  • introducing legislation
  • and
  • other proposals necessary to tackle shadow economy activity.

To provide relevant information to State agencies and ensure the best use of their resources to reduce shadow economy activity.

Reporting shadow economy activity

A key component of the commitment to tackle shadow economy activity is:

  • the knowledge that businesses and trade unions have of such activity
  • and
  • that knowledge is a vital constituent of the intelligence required by the relevant State agencies to combat hidden economy activity.

Such knowledge can be notified to relevant State agencies via the Report Form - Shadow Economy (Tax Evasion).

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