Reporting tax evasion (shadow economy activity)

Tobacco smuggling

Combating the illegal tobacco trade continues to be a high priority for Revenue. Revenue's response to the problem includes a number of key elements designed to target the supply or sale of illicit tobacco products. Also, to seize the illicit products and prosecute those responsible.

Revenue officers also target the illicit trade post-importation by carrying out intelligence-based operations and random checks at:

  • retail outlets
  • markets
  • and
  • private and commercial premises.

These checks include street-level exercises to tackle illicit cigarette sales.

At a national level, Revenue works very closely with other State agencies including An Garda Síochána and the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB). Revenue also works very closely with European Union (EU) and other Member State law enforcement agencies including:

  • the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
  • and
  • Europol.

To build the best possible intelligence on illicit shipments into Ireland.

Revenue work closely, through a cross-border group on tobacco enforcement, with agencies in Northern Ireland to:

  • identify and tackle the illicit trade on an all-island basis
  • and
  • to combat those organised crime groups that are responsible for a large proportion of the illegal tobacco market.

Illegal Cigarettes Hotline

If you have information about illegal cigarettes, contact our confidential hotline. Freephone 1800 295 295

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