Sending goods from Ireland to an EU Member State through Great Britain (GB)

Customs declaration - Transit

You are legally obliged, as exporter of goods from Ireland, through GB, to another European Union (EU) Member State, to submit an electronic transit declaration to Irish Customs. You must submit this electronic declaration using a customs software package. Alternatively, a customs broker, acting on your behalf, can submit the declaration.

This transit declaration can include the Safety and Security (S and S) information. Therefore, it is usually completed by you as the exporter or by an agent on your behalf.


You must have a transit guarantee to make a transit declaration.

You can apply for approval as an authorised consignor. This allows you to complete the transit formalities at your own premises and communicate with Irish Customs electronically through the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS). 

Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN)

If you send goods through GB to another EU Member State using a RoRo ferry service (accompanied or unaccompanied), a PBN must be submitted to Irish Customs. This notification must be submitted in advance of the goods leaving Ireland.

The haulier is responsible for ensuring that the PBN is submitted using information provided by the exporter. However, the PBN may be created by anyone in the supply chain that has the required information. Only one PBN should be created per vehicle irrespective of the number of consignments in the vehicle.

You will find further information about transit requirements in the following websites:

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Vehicles will not be allowed to board ferries in Ireland bound for GB without a valid PBN or Goods Movement Reference.

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