Customs Roll-on Roll-off service (RoRo service)

Pre-Boarding notification (PBN)

A PBN is a 'virtual envelope' where the details of the Master Reference Numbers (MRN's) of all the customs declarations relating to the goods are held together in one place. Each PBN has a unique identifier called the PBN ID.

The creation of the PBN is the responsibility of the Haulier who may delegate this function to their supply chain partners. These can include the declarant, importer, exporter, clearance agent or logistics company.

The custom declarations to cover all the goods, including multiple consignments, on the vehicle must be pre-lodged to Revenue. This must be done before the goods depart for the Ferry Terminal in Great Britain or Ireland. Any pre-notification requirements for goods subject to sanitary and phytosanitary checks (SPS) must also be completed.

On acceptance of the relevant customs declarations by Revenue, MRNs will be issued for each declaration.

The haulier or other delegated supply chain partners must:

  • Create a PBN on the Customs RoRo System and secure a unique PBN Identifier (PBN ID).
  • Input mobile phone and email contact details in the PBN to receive channel information.
  • Once available, add all the MRNs of the pre-lodged customs declarations.
  • Provide the PBN ID to the ferry company as part of the required booking details.
  • Provide the PBN ID to the driver of the vehicle.
  • Check the status of the PBN to ensure it is at 'Good to proceed to Check-in' before departing for the ferry terminal.

Without a valid PBN at 'Good to proceed to Check-In' status, the vehicle will not be allowed to board the ferry. Such vehicles will be instructed to leave the port area.

Video Guide

You can view this video guide on how to complete a PBN.

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