Customs Roll-on Roll-off service (RoRo service)


Goods moving to or from the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) are subject to customs formalities since 1 January 2021.

Revenue's Customs Roll-On Roll-Off Service (RoRo Service) facilitates the movement and control of goods and vehicles when moved by scheduled ferry between Ireland and Great Britain.

Access to the RoRo Service does not require any pre-authorisation by Revenue, making it readily available to any party in the supply chain.

The services available on the RoRo System consist of three complementary functions:

  • Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN)
  • Customs Channel Look-up
  • Customs Check-in when you get a Call to Customs

The RoRo Service provides real-time information to all parties in the supply chain on the status of the goods including:

  • validation of the PBN and provision of the PBN ID
  • confirmation that the goods are 'Good to proceed to Check-in' to the ferry
  • the customs channel assigned to the goods prior to arrival in an Irish Port
  • and
  • where a 'Call to Customs' control is assigned, a Customs check-in facility.

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