How will the Automated Import System (AIS) impact your business?

Temporary storage facility (TSF) operators

If you are an authorised TSF operator, declarations will be required for non-European Union goods entering and leaving your premises. The following declarations must be submitted electronically using AIS:

  • Presentation Notification (PN/G3)
  • Temporary Storage Declaration (TSD/G4)
  • customs import declaration.

The G3 and G4 can be lodged as a combined declaration into AIS.

The examples below show how TSF operators should manage their customs formalities.


Where goods are moving directly to an inland TSF under a simplified transit, a G3/G4 is required. This combined declaration should be lodged into AIS by the TSF operator or their customs agent upon arrival of the goods at the TSF.

All goods entering or leaving a temporary storage facility must adhere to the relevant customs formalities.

You will find information about AIS in AIS temporary storage facility (TSF) operators presentation.

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