In general, a conversion means that you modify the characteristics of a vehicle to change either the:

  • type approval
  • or
  • the details given at registration

There are three ways in which a vehicle can be converted: 

  • converting a new and unregistered vehicle
  • converting a vehicle registered outside of Ireland before registration in Ireland
  • and
  • converting a vehicle already registered in Ireland. 

Vehicles never registered before 

A vehicle must have type-approval to be registered in Ireland. The usual evidence is a Certificate of Conformity issued by the manufacturer.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) issues the certificate for a new vehicle converted in Ireland or elsewhere. 

You must have the NSAI certificate with you when you go to register the converted vehicle. 

Vehicles registered abroad

In cases where a vehicle was registered abroad a Declaration of Conformity and Suitably Qualified Individual declaration must be presented.

 This form must be used where you have changed any of the following: 

  • the EU vehicle category
  • the number of seats
  • the number of seatbelt fittings
  • the EU Body Work Code
  • the mass in service
  • the number of doors
  • and, or
  • the number of windows.

Vehicles registered in Ireland

In most cases there is no need to make a declaration to Revenue.  You do not have to make a declaration if the vehicle category at J1 on the Vehicle Registration Certificate is A. 

However, you must make a declaration if the category is B, C or D (or is blank) and you: 

  • added seats and the new total (including the driver) is nine seats or less
  • removed seats from a vehicle that had 10 seats or more and now has nine seats or less (driver included)
  • or
  • have converted the vehicle to a motor caravan. 

In these cases, you must post the Declaration of Conversion, the related SQI declaration, and other supporting documents, to: 

Central Vehicle Office
Revenue Commissioners
Rosslare Harbour
Co. Wexford 

You must include: 

  • a copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (both sides)
  • the invoice(s) showing the costs of conversion
  • and
  • in the case of a motor caravan a minimum of six photographs showing the full interior including:
    • at least one photograph from the front of the living area looking rearward
    • one from the rear of the living area looking forward showing the full interior layout
    • and
    • a minimum of four photographs showing the full exterior, one of which must include the registration plate of the vehicle.

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