ROS payroll for employers

ROS payroll preparations

This section explains how to prepare for Revenue Online Service (ROS) payroll reporting.

ROS access

Login now to ensure that you can access ROS.

Please see the Issues logging into ROS section if you are having difficulties logging in.

If you get a prompt on login to renew your ROS digital certificate, please do so. Take note of your new password and follow the Save your digital certificate instructions to save your renewed certificate file.

Please complete step 1 of the registration process, Apply for your RAN if:

  • you are a new ROS user
  • or
  • your ROS administrator digital certificate has expired.

You should allow at least five working days to complete the registration process.


You may need a sub-user certificate if:

  • your payroll is on a separate computer to your digital certificate 
  • you need more than one person to access ROS
  • or
  • you are using a Direct Reporting Payroll package.

To access all payroll functions, give the sub-cert 'File' permissions for PAYE-EMP (PREM).

For further information, please refer to the guides:

Instructions for downloading sub-certs are available in the sub-user or linked certificate section.

You should download the certificate to the computer where you plan to run the payroll.

If you have a Direct Payroll Reporting package, contact your payroll provider for further instructions.

Restricting sub-users from an employer registration number

Employers may have more than one employer registration number. 

You may not want sub-users to have access to all of the registration numbers.

If you want to restrict sub-user's access to one or more registration numbers, please refer to the guide Restricting sub-users from an Employer Registration Number.

If you have a Direct Payroll Reporting package and you want to restrict sub-user permissions, please contact your payroll provider. They will be able to advise you on how to do this within the payroll software. Restricting permissions on a ROS sub-cert will impact on your payroll package.


You can only view and amend Payroll Submission Returns (PSRs) that you filed under your agent certificate.

You can only amend PSRs made by a previous agent using the employer’s own ROS digital certificate.

If you need to view or amend items filed by:

  • a previous agent
  • or
  • the client directly

you will need to request a sub-certificate from your client.

You can then use this to access previous submissions.

The employer must apply for a ROS digital certificate if they do not already have one.

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