UCC - New Computerised Transit System Phase 5 (NCTS-P5)

Public Interface Testing

As part of the UCC upgrade which includes NCTS-P5, a number of web services will be provided. These will allow traders to integrate with NCTS-P5. A list of the web services to be provided can be viewed on the UCC Schemas and WSDLs page. The technical documentation, specifications and web services examples below are provided as support for future live web services. They will enable customs software developers to update their Transit software packages to be UCC compliant. 

What is Public Interface Testing (PIT)?

Customs PIT environments are designed to provide a test platform for software developers and their customers to submit test declarations. It allows them to query a range of test Customs Revenue Online Services (ROS) Web Services.

There is one PIT environment available to software developers, this includes AIS AES and NCTS-P5 functionality. The PIT environment is the PIT Software Test Next Version environment. It will contain upcoming functionality that is pertinent for developers to test their software ahead of the live release.

The PIT environment is primarily for connectivity testing. It also allows software developers to test against the majority of different message requests and responses. However, it is not a full-featured environment and as such some scenarios will not be supported. Revenue will be releasing updates to the PIT environment as development progresses. A list of the available message types and available functionality can be found in the documentation below.

This is an alpha release and therefore, please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • There will be downtime from time to time
  • There will be bugs.

PIT – Guides and useful information

This section provides documentation which advises users on:

  • How to register for access to the PIT environment for the new NCTS-P5 services
  • How to raise queries or issues
  • Supported connectivity test scenarios which can be executed in PIT.

PIT documentation:

Further NCTS-P5 documentation:

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