Submitting your Local Property Tax (LPT) Return



You should have submitted your LPT Return, in addition to paying, or arranging to pay, your LPT, by 10 November 2021. If you have not submitted your Return, you should do so immediately, even if you have paid your LPT.

Before submitting your Local Property Tax (LPT) Return, you will need to value your property as at 1 November 2021. You will need to provide the valuation of your property as part of your LPT Return.

You should submit your LPT Return as soon as possible. Your LPT Return will apply to the valuation period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025.

If you are a residential property owner, you should have received a letter from Revenue through myAccount, Revenue Online Service (ROS) or the post regarding your LPT obligations for 2022. This letter included your Property ID and PIN.

If you have not been contacted by Revenue, please check your myAccount and ROS inbox. If the letter is not in your myAccount or ROS inbox, please contact Revenue’s LPT Branch.

For information on how to submit your LPT Return by post instead of online, please see Submitting your LPT Return using the paper Form LPT1.

You are still required to submit your LPT Return even if:

If you have already submitted you LPT Return, it can be amended in certain circumstances. For more information, please see How to correct your property valuation.


You might still need to submit an LPT Return for your property for the first valuation period from 2013 to 2021, If you do, please see Submitting your LPT Return for 2013 to 2021.

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