Paying your Local Property Tax charge


You will find information in this section on how you can pay your Local Property Tax (LPT).

Revenue offers a range of methods for paying LPT. You can opt to make one single payment or spread your payments over the year. You can also authorise another person to make payments on your behalf.

There are implications if you do not pay your LPT charge. For further information, please see What happens if you do not comply?

Calculating the LPT charge you need to pay

You can use Revenue’s online LPT calculator to calculate your LPT charge.

You LPT charge is based on your valuation of your property and the Local Authority Adjustment Factor. For further information, please see How your LPT charge is determined.

Arranging your payment online

The easiest way to pay your LPT charge is online. This gives you a wide range of payment options:

  • single payment in full:
    • debit or credit card
    • Annual Debit Instruction (ADI)
  • phased payments (instalments) to spread your payments throughout the year:
    • monthly direct debit
    • deduction at source (from your salary, wages, occupational pension, Department of Social Protection payment or Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine payment).

To make your payment in full, or set up a phased payment arrangement, please log into the LPT Portal.

You can also pay in full, or on a phased basis, through an approved payment service provider (PSP). The approved PSPs are An Post, Omnivend and Payzone. You can set this up on the LPT Portal, and subsequently make your payment(s) at the PSP.

If you are liable for LPT on more than one property, you are required to pay through one of the online payment options.

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