Paying your Local Property Tax charge

Paying your LPT in phased payments

If you want to spread your Local Property Tax (LPT) payments over the year, you can choose from one of these options:

  • monthly direct debit
  • deduction at source from your:
    • salary, wages or occupational pension
    • Department of Social Protection payment
    • Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine payment.
  • or
  • weekly or monthly cash payments through an approved Payment Service Provider (PSP). The PSPs are An Post, Omnivend and Payzone.

Paying your LPT charge by monthly direct debit

You can set up a monthly direct debit though the LPT Portal. You will need:

  • the name and the address of the bank or financial institution where you hold your account
  • the names of the account from which payment is to be made
  • the Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) or Tax Reference Number of the person making the LPT payment
  • and
  • the IBAN of the account from which payment is being made.

Your LPT payment will be deducted each month from the account you provide from 15 January to 15 December. Your monthly direct debit for LPT will carry forward each year unless you change your payment option online or contact Revenue.

Paying your LPT charge through an approved PSP

You can pay your LPT in cash, or by debit or credit card, at an approved PSP. The approved PSPs are An Post, Omnivend and Payzone.

You can set up this payment arrangement online through myAccount, Revenue Online Service (ROS) or the LPT Portal.

You can make your payments throughout the year from January to December on a weekly or monthly basis.


This payment option cannot be used if you own more than one residential property.

Each of the three approved PSPs will charge a transaction fee as follows:

  • An Post - a TaxPay service fee of €1 per transaction
  • Omnivend - 4% of the transaction amount
  • and
  • Payzone:
    • 75 cent per transaction for transaction amounts up to €50
    • €1 per transaction for transaction amounts from €50.01 to €100
    • and
    • €2 per transaction for transaction amounts over €100.

To make payments through any of the approved PSPs, you will need either:

  • the Property ID for the property
  • or
  • the PPSN of the liable person for LPT.

You should retain every receipt provided by the PSP.

Changing your phased payment method after January

You can change your payment method at any point during the year by submitting a request to Revenue. For information on where to send your request, please see the contact us section.

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