Paying your Local Property Tax charge

Changing your bank details for LPT

If you have recently changed your bank account, you should update your LPT payment method if you pay your LPT charge through:

  • Monthly Direct Debit (MDD)
  • or
  • Annual Debit Instruction (ADI).

If you pay through your salary, wages or pension, you do not need to make any changes.

The easiest way to make the change to your MDD is to update your bank details on the LPT Portal.

To do this:

  • log in to the LPT Portal (you will need your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), Unique Property ID and secure PIN)
  • select ‘Change Payment Method’ in Step 2
  • enter your new IBAN and select ‘Continue’
  • click the ‘Submit Details’ button
  • you will see an acknowledgement.

ADI is usually taken from your account in full in March of each year, unless you have set an earlier date. As your payment for 2022 is fully complete, you will need to update your bank details for the 2023 payment. Further advice on how to do this will be published in the coming weeks.

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