Valuing your property


Local Property Tax (LPT) is a self assessed tax. You must determine the market value of any property for which you are the liable person. You must determine the market value of each property as at the valuation date of 1 May 2013.

This valuation applies to your property for a nine year period up to and including 2021. This valuation will not be affected by:

  • any repairs or improvements made to your property
  • any general increase or decrease in property prices, during this period
  • any event after 1 May 2013 that negatively impacts on your valuation, for example, flooding or erosion.

The next valuation date will be on 1 November 2021.

You must declare the valuation for your property in your LPT1 return. If you do not file your LPT1 return Revenue will estimate your liability to LPT. When you file your LPT1 return declaring the value of your property, Revenue will remove the estimate.

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