Valuing your property

What if the value declared for your property was incorrect?

You may have concern that the valuation you declared on your property was incorrect. If so, you may self-correct your Local Property Tax (LPT) return(s) for the following reasons:

  • under-valuations of LPT
  • exemptions or deferrals incorrectly claimed
  • over-valuations of LPT
  • exemptions or deferrals not claimed (if you, as the owner, were entitled to an exemption or deferral).

The revised LPT liability:

  • will replace the original liability declared for 2013
  • will also form the basis for the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 liability.

When self-correcting, the property owner must also pay any additional LPT liability to Revenue.

How do you self-correct a property valuation downwards?

You cannot use the online self-correction option to amend a valuation downwards. You, as the liable owner, must submit a request to LPT Branch to amend the valuation.

You must include the following in your request:

  • how the over valuation arose
  • confirm the revised valuation band
  • documents to support the revised valuation band, which should include at least one of the following:

You may provide photographs of the property which clearly indicate the features that influence a lower valuation. All documents supplied must reflect the valuation date as of 1 May 2013.

What if you claimed an exemption or deferral incorrectly

If you claimed an exemption or a deferral that you are not correctly entitled to, you can amend your return online.

How do you self-correct a property valuation upwards?

You can use the online self correction option to amend a valuation upwards. The revised valuation must reflect the market value of the property as of 1 May 2013.

If you self-correct upwards, this will apply to all years for a valuation period.  Any additional LPT due is subject to an interest charge of 8% per annum.  

What if you have not claimed an exemption or deferral?

If you were entitled to an exemption or deferral you must apply online. You must also submit your claim to the LPT Branch. You must include the following to support your claim:

  • you name and Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)
  • property ID
  • property address
  • any information to support your claim.

Revenue will examine each claim and may request additional information.

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