Non-resident landlords

Collection agent


The details and procedures below have been changed from 01 July 2023. Further details on this change can be found Non-Resident Landlord Withholding Tax (NLWT).

A collection agent is an Irish resident who collects the rent and files your Income Tax Return for the rental income on your behalf.

If you engage the services of a collection agent, they:

  • need to be resident in Ireland
  • need to register with Revenue as a ‘collection agent’ by completing Collection Agent Registration Form
  • need to have a Revenue record under a new, distinct Tax Reference Number for each landlord
  • are not entitled to deduct tax from rental payments from you. They should not issue you with a Form R185
  • may retain a portion of the rents to satisfy the tax payable. This should be paid to Revenue when filing the tax return at the end of the year
  • and
  • will be the name on the assessment. The tax that will be charged is the amount that would be charged if you were assessed in your own right.

A collection agent can be:

  • an estate agent
  • a management company
  • a solicitor
  • or
  • someone you have nominated to act on your behalf.

You may also be entitled to personal credits, even when these are chargeable and assessable in the name of the collection agent.


If you are a collection agent for a non-Irish resident corporate landlord, you must register for Corporation Tax (CT).

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