Filing your tax return


The content on these pages will help you make your 2016 income tax return and make a self-assessment. There are help videos on:

Please ensure that you complete the Full Self-Assessment panel, the Statement of Net Liabilities and Pay on Revenue Online Service (ROS).

Revenue Online Service (ROS) Helptext

You should also refer to the ROS helptext which is available for each panel of the return. You can access this helptext by clicking on the 'Form Help' icon at the top of each panel.

ROS Revenue Record (Inbox)

There are a number of videos on the website to explain the Revenue Record service to agents and customers. Some of the screens have been updated, but the information in these videos is still relevant.

Share Options

Where a person uses a share option and gets shares for less than their market value, they are due to pay income tax on the net gain. The net gain is the difference between the market price of the shares on the date of their purchase and the price paid (if any) for the option to acquire those shares.

A return of income (Form 11) should be completed and returned to Revenue by 31 October in the following tax year. It should contain details of all taxable income including share option gains for the particular tax year and any payments made in respect of RTSO, USC and employee PRSI. Any payments made will be set against the person’s total Income Tax, USC and PRSI liability for the particular tax year

You can find more information on the unapproved share option page.

Warning or Error messages

When you 'Save' or 'Sign and Submit' your Form 11 you may get a warning message. This is to draw your attention to an item or entry in the return that may need correction. If the entry is incorrect you must go back and amend this. If the entry is correct you can continue to 'Save' or 'Sign and Submit' the Form 11.

An error message will prevent you from saving your Form 11 until an entry is corrected. The field with the error will be highlighted to you. In some instances it may be necessary to go back to an earlier screen, for example, the 'Personal Details' panel to update an entry.

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