Authorised traders and processes

De-registration of vehicles

In exceptional circumstances, a vehicle may be de-registered and Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) repaid provided that the following conditions are met:

  • the circumstances arise within seven working days of the date of registration
  • the vehicle has not been licensed (road-tax has not been paid) for use in a public place
  • and
  • an application for de-registration is received within 21 days of the date of registration.

Applications for deletion of registration should be sent via MyEnquiries to the National VRT Service.

The following information should be included with each application:

  • full description of the circumstances giving rise to the application
  • confirmation that the vehicle has not been licensed for use on a public road
  • that the vehicle has not, and will not, be the subject of a repayment under any VRT repayment scheme
  • whether the VRT was paid or deferred
  • evidence from the owner’s insurance company of:
    • the amount claimed and paid out, if any
    • that no claim will be made or accepted
    • or
    • if a claim is made, that the amount to be paid out will exclude VRT.

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