Authorised traders and processes

Owner name and address


The correct owner name and address information must be declared to Revenue at the time of registration of motor vehicles.

The name declared is the name that will appear on the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC). This is the person responsible in law for that vehicle.

There is a legal responsibility on dealers not to enter owner details that they know to be wrong or misleading.

Ownership details

The owner to be named at registration is:

  • the person, or the legal entity by whom the vehicle is to be kept
  • or
  • if a vehicle is the subject of a hire-purchase agreement or a lease, the person or the legal entity named on the agreement or lease.

Legally accountable entity

This phrase includes:

  • all businesses incorporated under the Companies Acts
  • and
  • other entities, for example, Local Authorities, trusts and suchlike.

It is not possible to give an exhaustive list of acceptable legal entities. The name under which the declared owner is registered for tax purposes should be acceptable.

‘Trading as’ or ‘t/a’ names

A ‘trading as’ or ‘t/a’ name is not acceptable as an owner as it is not a legal entity.

The trading name with ‘t/a’ may, however be entered on the declarations in addition to the legal entities name.

Joint names

Only one person can be declared as the owner of a vehicle. The declaration of ownership of vehicles in joint names is not acceptable.


The address required is the address in the State at which the owner ordinarily resides at the time of registration.

This address:

  • determines the county identifier on the registration plate
  • determines the address to which the vehicle registration certificate will be posted
  • and
  • can also be used for legal purposes.

The declaration of some other address, for example a relative of the owner, is not permitted. In particular, ‘care of’ addresses are not to be used.