Irish whiskey and Irish poteen Geographical Indications (GI) Verification Scheme


For each individual production process that requires verification by Revenue, the applicant must pay the relevant fee.

Revenue verification fees
Brewing €250
Fermentation €250
Distillation €250
Maturation €250
Blending, bottling and labelling €250

For example, a facility where brewing, fermentation and distillation takes place will pay a total of €750 for verification. A facility engaged solely in the final bottling stage will pay €250. If all production stages take place at the facility the total verification fee will be €1,250.

If processes occur in different locations, you must submit a separate application form for each facility. (For example, a trader that blends at one facility and bottles at another facility). You must also pay a separate fee for each process at each premises.

Revenue will advise traders when and how to make payment.

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