Irish whiskey and Irish poteen Geographical Indications (GI) Verification Scheme

What is verification?

If you produce or market Irish whiskey or Irish poteen, you must follow the requirements set out in the Technical File. The production of Irish whiskey and Irish poteen may involve a number of premises. Revenue will visit your premises and check all production stages in each premises.

Production for Irish whiskey involves the following stages:

  • brewing
  • fermentation
  • distillation
  • maturation
  • blending, bottling and labelling.

Production for Irish poteen involves the following stages:

  • brewing
  • fermentation
  • distillation
  • bottling and labelling.

You must carry out brewing, fermentation and distillation at the same premises.

You can see the checks that Revenue officers carry out in the following checklists:

Your systems and records for the premises must show that you are following the Technical File. Revenue will also check for traceability of products. You must describe your systems and records when you submit your application form.

Revenue will, on request, issue a certificate that the processes carried out at the production facilities are verified.

You can move the product from one verified facility to another verified facility in Ireland for maturation or bottling. In addition to Geographical Indication (GI) requirements, you must ensure that you are compliant with excise regulations on the movement of duty suspended product.

If the product was sourced from another verified facility, this must be verified by Revenue. If verified, Revenue will accept that the product received for maturation or bottling is Irish whiskey or Irish poteen.

If you are sourcing product for maturation or bottling from another whiskey or poteen producing facility, that facility must be GI verified. During the transportation, you should retain a copy of the GI verification letter from the products producer for your records.

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