Customs Roll-on Roll-off service (RoRo service)

Customs Check-in

Where a vehicle has received a 'Call to Customs' channel at import, the driver can self-check in once parked up in the designated customs terminal.

The Customs Check-in service will allow the driver to check-in to Customs while remaining in their vehicle.

To access the Customs Check-in service, the driver will select 'Customs Check-In' and input the PBN reference ID, parking bay number, vehicle type and their mobile phone number.

Once a driver has successfully checked in, a confirmation message will issue to advise the driver of the next steps.

If no PBN ID is available, the driver will input the vehicle registration number or trailer ID, date of arrival and ship details. Mobile phone number, parking bay and vehicle type will then be requested

If the goods are subject to a physical inspection, then a text message will issue to the driver advising when an examination bay is available.

The driver can then leave the parking location and proceed to the examination bay.


Do not use your mobile phone while driving.