How to request an End of Year Statement

The Statement of Liability is issued to Pay As You Earn (PAYE) customers and gives details of:

  • your total income from all sources
  • a breakdown of your tax credits
  • any tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) that you have paid during the year
  • any underpayments or overpayments of tax.

How to request a Statement of Liability

For 2019 and subsequent years, you need to complete an Income Tax Return on myAccount to receive a Statement of Liability.

How to access this service

For 2019 and subsequent years:

  • click on the ‘Review your tax’ link under the 'PAYE Services' tab
  • select the appropriate year from the drop down menu and click the 'select' button
  • request a Statement of Liability
  • click on 'Complete Income Tax Return' and follow the steps to complete the return
  • submit the return.

If you are registered for the Revenue Online Service (ROS), you can access this service by either: 

  • clicking  on the 'Income Tax Return' card from the 'Other Services' section
  • or
  • selecting the 'PAYE Services' tab.