Help to Buy (HTB) incentive

How do you apply for Help to Buy (HTB)?

Use myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS) to apply for HTB online. 

There are two stages to the online process:

  • the application stage
  • the claim stage.

Application stage

You can apply as an individual, or part of a group that is buying or building a property. You must complete a declaration and select the years you want to use for a refund. If you are tax compliant, your application will be approved. You will be provided with an application number and a summary of the maximum amount you can claim. You will also be given a 6 digit access code separately through MyEnquiries.

Keep a safe note of both of these codes as you will need to provide them to your lender. If you are buying your home you will also need these codes for your qualifying contractor. If you are self-building you will need these codes for your solicitor. Your contractor or solicitor will require this information to verify what you have submitted.

If you make a HTB application but have not yet made a claim, your application will expire on 31 December. You can then re-apply and make a new HTB application.

Claim stage

You can make your claim once you have either:

  • signed the contract for your home
  • drawn down the first part of the mortgage if you are self building.

Login to HTB through myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS) and complete the following steps below.

Step 1

Upload evidence of your mortgage and the following information about your application:

  • if you are buying a home: a copy of the signed contract
  • if you are building a home:
    • proof of the drawdown of the first part of the mortgage
    • a copy of the valuation report from your lender.

Step 2

You will be asked to confirm details about the:

  • property
  • purchase price
  • date of completion
  • mortgage
  • amount of deposit already paid.

If you are applying with other people you will also need to confirm the portion of the refund to be refunded to each person. If you are self-building, you will need to provide the BIC and IBAN of the loan bank account.

Once you have submitted your claim you will be provided with a claim reference.

Please ensure that you have carefully checked all the information you input before you sign and submit the claim. 

If any of the information you have provided is incorrect, you must:

  • cancel your claim
  • submit a new claim with the correct information

This must be done before you continue to step 3.

Step 3

Once you have submitted your claim you should advise your developer or contractor (or solicitor if you are self-building).

Provide them with your claim reference (issued to you after step 2) and access code (issued to you when you submitted your application). Before you receive any refund, the information you have provided will need to be verified by the:

  • developer or contractor, in the case of a new build
  • solicitor acting on your behalf, in the case of a self-build.

The refund that you finally receive is limited to 5% of the purchase price of the house. This may mean that it is different to the maximum relief amount that you were given at application stage.

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