Help to Buy (HTB) scheme

What is a qualifying property?

To qualify for the Help to Buy (HTB) Scheme, the property you purchase or self-build must be:

The property must never have been used, or have been suitable for use, as a residential home. If the property was non-residential, but has been converted for residential use, it may qualify for HTB. If you purchase or self-build the property as an investment, it does not qualify for HTB.

Purchase value

The purchase value of a new build means the full Open Market Value (OMV) of the property. This is usually the price you purchased it for, unless you paid a reduced price for the property.  The full OMV is the purchase value used for the purposes of HTB, in all cases. The purchase value of the property must be €500,000 or less to qualify for HTB.

Approved valuation

If you are self-building a property, the approved valuation is the valuation of the property approved by the lender at the time you took out the mortgage. The approved valuation must be €500,000 or less to qualify for HTB.


You must take out your mortgage on the property with a qualifying lender. This loan must only be used for purchasing, or self-building, the property. The loan must be at least:

  • 70% of the purchase value
  • or
  • 70% of the approved valuation.

This is known as the loan to value ratio.

You are allowed to have a guarantor on the loan. The guarantor does not need to be a first-time purchaser.

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