Revenue estimate and filing a Local Property Tax (LPT) return

How do you file your LPT return?

If you have not already filed your LPT return, you must do so immediately.

To file your LPT Return simply follow the steps below:

If you have received a Property ID and PIN, you can file your LPT return as follows:

  • Online using the LPT Online service and follow the instructions. You can nominate another person to file your return for you.
  • Over the phone by calling the LPT helpline. You will need to provide your property details, Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) and details of how you will pay the tax. For example, bank account information - IBAN and BIC.
  • In your Revenue Office (where computers and help with filing online are available).

If you own a residential property and have not received your Property ID and PIN, you are still liable for the LPT.

To obtain your Property ID and PIN:

  • input your PPSN or Tax Reference Number on the Sign in to LPT Online screen
  • select ‘click here’ in the ‘Request a Property ID and Pin’ box.

Your Property ID and PIN number will be posted to you.

The details are posted to the address on file for the PPSN or Tax Reference Number you supplied. If you have changed address recently you should notify Revenue

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