Revenue confirm National PAYE helpline re-opens

Today (30/06/2020), Revenue announced that it has re-opened its National PAYE helpline to assist employees and pension recipients who cannot use Revenue’s online services with queries relating to PAYE.

In immediate response to the public health measures and restrictions aimed at suppressing the transmission of COVID-19, announced by the Government on 27 March 2020, Revenue provided important advice to customers in relation to the necessary changes in the provision of services.

Throughout the period of public health restrictions to date, Revenue prioritised the continued operation of the National Employer Helpline and the ROS Technical Helpdesk to support employers with queries on the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme. While the remaining Revenue phone lines were closed, customer enquiries and correspondence on any matter could be sent through MyEnquiries, Revenue’s secure online service, which is available in both myAccount and ROS. Revenue is providing responses within 1 working day for over 50% of PAYE enquiries, with 75% answered within 2 working days.

Revenue will continue to adhere to the Government’s public health advice with staff working from home as much as possible. While focus on the rapid turnaround in responses to online enquiries will remain, Revenue fully appreciates that not all individuals are able to use its online services for a number of reasons, including broadband issues, no computer/computer skills.

To assist and support customers who cannot access, use or resolve their enquiries using the wide range of online services available in myAccount or ROS, Revenue has put the necessary technology in place that facilitates the operation of the National PAYE Helpline while also facilitating the continuation of staff working from home in line with public health advice. The National PAYE Helpline can be contacted on (01) 738 3636 and will operate from 9.30am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Revenue explained that the National PAYE Helpline is a busy service that can often experience high levels of demand and, where possible, it wishes to prioritise this service for those who cannot use its online services. Revenue confirmed that it will continue to respond speedily to online enquiries for all customers who choose to manage their tax affairs through the myEnquiries service.

Revenue is actively working to put the necessary technology in place that allows the restoration of all its customer telephone helplines in a manner that aligns with public health advice. From Friday (3/7/2020), the Local Property Tax Helpline can be contacted on (01) 738 3626 and will operate from 9.30am – 1.30pm, Monday to Friday. Further information will issue as the other Revenue telephone helplines continue to open.  

[Ends 30/6/2020]