Theatre Licence

First application for a Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Theatre Licence


The waiver of Excise Duty on on-trade liquor licences will not be extended to renewals in 2022.

You must submit the following documents to the National Excise Licence Office for first time applications:

  • Music and Singing Licence
  • Scheme of upcoming events
  • and
  • completed Application Form.

The application requires signature by:

  • the licensee, if a sole trader
  • one of the partners, if a partnership
  • or
  • the company secretary or a director of the company, in the case of an incorporated firm.

Once Revenue receive your application form, a copy will be forwarded to the Revenue Office where your premises is established. If the Revenue office approves your application, we will issue you with a First Time Application Notice. This notice invites you to complete your application and pay for your licence.

All licensees require tax clearance and, in certain cases, a:

Revenue will automatically check your tax clearance status before issuing the licence.

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