Submit a claim under the Charitable Donation Scheme

This online service allows charities to submit a claim under the Charitable Donations Scheme (CDS).

Further information on the conditions of the scheme can be found at Charitable Donation Scheme.

How to access the service to claim tax relief

Sign into Revenue Online Service (ROS).

  • Under 'File a Return' section, click 'complete a Form Online'
  • Select the tax type 'Charitable Donations' and the form ‘CDS1’
  • Click "File Return"
  • Select the CDS period for which you wish to file
  • Enter donation details and click 'Add Donation'
  • Click 'Continue' to sign and submit claim.

To upload forms completed offline

This format is suitable for a claim with a large number of donors. Create an Excel spreadsheet with the donor details. The Excel file must be created in a specific format and then saved as a CSV (comma delimited) file.

For more detailed information and CSV file example, please see the schemas and notes Charitable Donations.

When you have completed the offline CSV file.

Sign into ROS.

  • Under 'File a return' section click 'Upload Form(s) Completed Off-line'
  • Select 'Charitable donations' from the drop-down list
  • Click “Upload Return”
  • From the file upload facility click 'Add file(s)'
  • Select the appropriate CSV file from your local system
  • Enter your password
  • Select 'Upload File(s)' button to submit the file to ROS

Where a file has uploaded successfully a notice number will issue.

The charity should provide bank details via ROS to facilitate refund on a once off basis as follows:

Sign into ROS.

  • Under 'Payment & Refunds' section select 'Manage Bank Accounts'
  • Under 'Refunds' select 'Manage EFT'
  • Select CDS from tax type list and click 'Input'
  • Input IBAN and BIC fields and select next
  • Input exact same details to verify information is correct
  • Sign and submit to ROS.