Living City Initiative (LCI)

LCI definitions

Special Regeneration Area (SRA)

An SRA is an area in an Irish city which was selected for this incentive by the Department of Finance. See the local authority websites to find maps which show the SRAs in each city:

The tax relief is for refurbishing or converting existing properties within an SRA. If you buy a new build, or build a property from scratch, you cannot claim the relief.

A property can be a house, apartment, shop, or any kind of structure, and can include all, or part, of a property.


You refurbish a property when you carry out any work to repair or restore it. This includes providing or improving water supply, sewerage or heating facilities.


There are different definitions of conversion that apply to Residential Relief and Commercial Relief.

For Owner-Occupier Residential Relief or Rented Residential Relief, a conversion is where you change a non-residential property into a house or an apartment. You may also change a single-unit property into two or more units, or change a multi-unit property into a single unit. A unit can be a house or an apartment.

For Commercial Relief a conversion means any work required to make the property suitable for:

  • retailing goods
  • or
  • providing services only within Ireland.

This includes providing or improving water supply, sewerage or heating facilities.

Sole or main residence

Your sole, or main, residence is the property which you live in, or which you have chosen as your main home.

If you have two residences, you must choose one residence to be your main residence. You must notify Revenue of your choice in writing. This may affect your tax situation, particularly in the case of Principal Private Residence Relief.

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