Paying your Local Property Tax (LPT)

Can you pay your LPT by approved payment service provider?

If you intend to make your phased payment in cash, you must complete the payment instruction on your LPT1A  and submit it to Revenue.

You can pay your LPT liability in cash through approved payment service providers. This payment can be either in one payment or in phased payments. Payments in full are due by the LPT deadline in January.

You can pay in phases over the period from January to December. Phased payments can be made on a weekly or monthly basis to suit your own circumstances.

There are currently three service providers offering payment services for LPT and each charge a transaction fee as follows:

  • An Post - a TaxPay service fee of €1 per transaction applies to all LPT payments
  • Omnivend - 4% per transaction of the transaction amount
  • Payzone:
    • 75 cent per transaction for transaction amounts up to €50
    • €1 per transaction for transaction amounts from €50.01 to €100
    • €2 per transaction for transaction amounts over €100.

To make your payment through any of the payment service providers you will need one of the following:

You should retain the receipt provided by the payment service provider.

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