Paying your Local Property Tax (LPT)

Can you pay your LPT by direct debit?

You can opt to pay your LPT for 2021 by direct debit. If you select this option, payment will be deducted each month from your 'current account' from 15 January 2021 to 15 December 2021.

This payment method will automatically apply for subsequent years. If you wish to cease your direct debit and select an alternative payment method, you must advise Revenue.

How can you set up your direct debit?

You can login to the LPT Online to set up your direct debit for your LPT.

To complete the direct debit mandate, you will need the following details of your bank or financial institution:

  • the name of the bank or financial institution where you hold your account
  • the address of the bank or financial institution
  • the name(s) of the current account from which payment is to be made
  • the Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) or Tax Reference Number of the person making the LPT payment
  • the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and a Bank Identifier Code (BIC - optional).

Your IBAN and BIC are located on your bank account statement or in the bank's online system.Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) provide a service which converts account numbers and sort codes (NSC) to the equivalent IBAN and BIC. Your bank must be in a SEPA participating country.

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