Revenue sees significant engagement from property owners contacted to file their overdue LPT Return

Last month, Revenue confirmed that, over the course of a number of weeks, it would contact property owners who had not yet filed a Local Property Tax (LPT) Return for the 2022 – 2025 valuation period.

At close of business on Tuesday last (5/4/22), almost 140,000 letters had issued as part of this reminder campaign. Revenue has welcomed the significant positive response from property owners since the letters issued; over 37,000 LPT returns have been filed, 16,000 of which confirmed payment method details to pay the respective LPT liability for 2022. 

Commenting on the engagement by property owners, Ms Katie Clair, head of Revenue’s LPT Branch said:

“We are just over a week into our LPT Return reminder campaign and already we are seeing significant engagement from property owners. Over 26% of those who received a letter have already filed their overdue LPT return, we have received around 4,500 calls per day to our LPT Helpline and are also seeing an increase in correspondence. It is clear from this level of engagement that the property owners contacted are making every effort to now fully comply with their LPT obligations. The overall return compliance rate in respect of LPT for 2022 has now increased to 87% and the payment compliance rate is 93%.”

LPT reminder letters will continue to issue daily until the middle of next week to property owners who have yet to file their LPT Return. Ms Clair concluded with the following advice: 

“Most property owners are fully compliant with their LPT obligations. Regardless of whether you have got a letter from Revenue or not, if you haven’t yet filed your LPT Return for 2022, it is really important that you do so immediately. In fact, it is a legal requirement that you do so. The easiest way to file your LPT return is online. You access the LPT online portal on However, if property owners need assistance in completing their LPT Return or have any queries regarding their LPT obligations, they can contact the LPT Helpline at 01 738 36 26.”

Finally, Revenue published updated LPT Statistics for 2022 today, including further analysis on LPT property valuations, which can be found on the Revenue website.